Monday, May 7, 2012

The fine art of illustration

Some days you are inspired and spoken to, by the powers of the universe. So listen up, and don't ignore the signs. Sunday, May 6th was one of those days... My friend Deb and I went to a great fabric store in NYC, called The City Quilter on 25th St.. Not far from FIT. I can't sew but have always loved fabrics.
I was a textile artist, designer for 12 years. Needless to say, we didn't leave empty handed... I have been slowly developing my art to : combine my watercolors with flat shapes and adding pattern with either material or some kind of mixed media. Crazy as it sounds, this path and direction was being shown to me, and nudging me on, all during the day. We later went to the monthly CBIG meeting and the Senoir Art Director, Patti Ann Harris and Editor-in-Chief, Liza Baker, from Little Brown And Company gave a very informative talk about what they publish and are looking for.  Great stories and fabulous artists! They also encouraged us all to develop our creativity, try new things, experiment with mixed media, keep a sketch book or journal and work on evolving our art! I felt like they were talking to me, even though they did not review our porfolios. They were super guest speakers... and I would love to work on a project with them.  Moving forward, we all had a laugh when this gallery invitation fell from the sky????. I don't know why I got it or where it came from, one of those - you had to be their moments. A fun day, with great Thai food, (Thanks again to, Marilyn ) good friends, and inspiration. The painting of the little boy, (my son Jason) blowing out the birthday candles is a direction I want to continue in with my illustration and fine art.  I will be participating in a few up coming gallery shows, and working on some new pieces as well.

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