Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Man's legacy to the generations that folow us is not only to protect one of our closest living relatives, the Orangutan, but also the planet's tremendous biodiversity.

Endangered c 1995 Laura Goetz, is my favorite watercolor painting, created as a self-promotional illustration and later published in the Directory of Illustration.  It represents one of my passions and goals: to bring about social awareness through my art, and educate the public about protecting the Orangutan.  All rights reserved, registered and copyrighted to Laura Goetz. Check back for more pictures, facts, and links about endangered species.
 Chapter 1, 

My mother lay perfectly still.

Her eyes are open, but she doesn’t see me.
I scream so loud, the world must hear my cry!

Only the birds replied,
Screeching a warning to go. Hurry. Hide.

The smell of danger is approaching.
I cling to big red’s sticky wet hair, but she cannot protect me.

The poachers have returned.

 More to come...
***Orangutans are among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.
They resemble us in facial expression, gesture and many other ways.

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  1. The art is beautiful and so is the text. I want to see and read more.